Planetary Microorganisms and Portraits Trieste, 1978

Etching of urban planetary microorganisms, the home of my origin & a short review of my earthly growth through the faces of our family.

IND - Intimate Notion Dream
f: Raj Per Tot
WORDS FREE ORBITAL SEACenter Noordung, Vitanje, 2024 WORS FREE ORBITAL SEA - youtube link The video is a propitiatory dance of architectural prototypes, orbital theatres (Ottovolante, Panorama, Terraxterra and Trabicolo) ... TIME ZEROVitanje, Center Noordung, 2022 TIME ZERO (ČAS NIČ, ORA ZERO) Concert performance or prologue about the transformation of man into a cosmic being A cosmic being is a concentrate of space, trapped ... Journey Into the Universe of ConsciousnessVitanje, Center Noordung 20, 2021 The JOURNEY INTO THE UNIVERSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS is the coordination of different states of perception as the basic principle of movement and of life in a fractal ... ONLINESTrieste 16,17,18,19..., 2018 ONLINES Onlines are hidden trails of the subconscious, which are drawn in the ether by Rajxtot every week since February 8, 2016. Every drawing becomes a Linear ... Mitokons 1 - LET SFINGE, concertTrieste, (2018/19/20), 2017 I. Mitokons 1 - LET SFINGE (The Flight of the Sphinx) CONCERT concept ... II. Let Sfinge - Lyrics: Raj Kraljev Introspection - three questions ... KONSONGS and The Trinity ConceptTrieste, Sveto, 2016 KONSONGS Writing konsongs is our primordial way of sending creative messages. Konsongs are spatial songs speaking about the synchronicity between the dweller and the ... CLARISM - The Starting PointLjubljana - Sveto (1996-2015), 2015 CLARISM The age of great discoveries is coming.The new revolution is evolution.The new temptation is mutation.The main relation is clear comunication. The SELF The ... KONSTRANS Trieste, Sveto, 2014 KONSTRANS At the beginning it was the Idea. And from then on, everything is merging into it. This beginning is timeless. Every manifested thought is a specific ... LET SFINGE-The Flight of the Sphinx, CD&conceptBarcelona-Ljubljana(2010-13), 2013 I. THE PROJECT - LET SFINGE (The Flight of the Sphinx) CD and Concept Let ... II. Closed web page letsfinge.com and the first performing concept ... MOBILITAS MODULARISLjubljana, IND, 2013 THE MODULAR MOBILITY Mobilitas modularis - performans videoMobile module as an articulated being in motionModular mobility is a system or a way of reading different ... Raj The BlogNew York, 2011 RAJ THE BLOG In spring of 2011 I was proposed for an art residence at Apexart, a non-profit cultural organisation & gallery in New York City, by the Lithuanian ... IND Home - Studio 2Ljubljana (2008-13), 2008 IND Home studio II. - project: Raj X Tot (Raj Per Tot) Between 2008 and 2013 the IND laboratory, that we projected on Tržaška 2 in Ljubljana, was the main Home of ... I.N.D. project - monumental trans concertLjubljana, 2007 I. web page I.N.D. project II. Concept's sketches for the IND project DNA Structure - 60 Young ImagesTrieste, 2005 IND Home - Studio 1, Revolutions 4Ljubljana (1989-2001), 2001 The Beauty of NothingMaribor, Ljubljana, 2000 I. RAJ KRALJEV presents a performing lecture THE BEAUTY OF NOTHING The ... II. The Partiture of the Beauty of Nothing Raj Kraljev videopresentation 1999 TransActionLjubljana, 1998 SynchrohomeLjubljana, 1998 Radar - TV set design for Studio CityLjubljana, 1997 Homoscope and The Spirit of HalftimeMaribor, 1996 I. THE SPIRIT OF HALFTIME The responsibility to oneself is a fundamental ... II. The internet site of the project (in Slovene) THE SPIRIT OF HALFTIME Naked Raj - performance for one personLjubljana, 1996 Action 1Ljubljana, 1996 Raj Kraljev - The Book of ThoughtsLjubljana, 1995 I. Raj Kraljev - The Book of Thoughts II. RAJ KRALJEV - Avatar's Manifesto and Concept of the sign Raj ... Orbital CitiesLjubljana, 1994 Venteater – Space TheatresAntwerpen-Gent, 1993 Trabicolo 1993 Space TheatresLjubljana, 1992 "Flying Eight" Space StageMoscow, 1992 The iconic sculpture - concept of the Flying Eight Space Stage - The article explaining basic principles of an orbital cosmic theatre was published in the slovenian ... Parking CitiesLjubljana, 1991 Flying TheatresLondon, 1990 Planetary Microorganisms and PortraitsTrieste, 1978