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Let Sfinge - Il giornale della Musica
Italia (March 2014)1.03.2014

Article presenting the project Let Sfinge (The Flight of the Sphinx) in the Italian monthly musical newspaper Il giornale della Musica (March 2014)

Let Sfinge (performans) - Le Cool
Barcelona, Catalunya, España18.01.2014

Article about the project Let Sfinge (The Flight of the Sphinx) and the Barcelona performing event presenting the publication of its music content (CD & Vinyl)

Presentation of The Let Sfinge Project
Medialab Prado - Madrid, España16.01.2014

Article about the presentation of the  project Let Sfinge at the MEDIALAB PRADO in Madrid.

Presentation of Let Sfinge Project
16.01.2014 18:00h - 21:00h
Place: Auditorio (2ª planta/2nd Floor)

Let Sfinge (The Flight of the Sphinx) is a project by Intimate Notions' Dream (IND), Ljubljana.
With the use of electronic music, live vocals and technologically developed sensorial devices, Let Sfinge tries to establish an interaction between the ideal – the wish for self-fulfilment – and the alienated response of the reality. It is a contemporary mythological narration where the Sphinx stands for a symbol of wisdom.
The presentation at Medialab-Prado consists of two parts. First, the project will be displayed through sound and visual narration in a performing form (19:00h) and a presentation (20:00h).

It is a multimedia performance and its main technological aspect is the use of a BCI sensor placed in the middle of the forehead vocal interpreter. Its function is to capture the creative, emotional and mental pathways during the artistic act. Moreover, the main interest is making a graphic map of a creative thought in action through a recognisable model of geometrical patterns and shapes.
Antonio Giacomin will speak about the construction of the mental images with the use of sensors. The sound artists and composer Riccardo Massari Spiritini will explain the musical electronic context and its realisation. Raj Per Tot , the promoter of the project will present the phsyco-physical and performative aspect of the Modular Mobility concept and the general content of the work.
The applied tecnology in the process of musical and visual creation and the use of BCI (mind wave) sensor will be explained. Tthe relationship between art and technology will be discussed as a contemporary fundamental issue.

About Let Sfinge
According to the content of the artistic acts, IND presents its ideas through three personalities: Rajxtot, the architect and author of concepts; Raj Kraljev, who creates and performs the music as a vocal sculpture; and Raj Per Tot, the reporter and executor.
The concept of Let Sfinge is made by Rayxtot. The music, composed of vocal melodies and electronic sound Let Sfinge was created in Barcelona and Ljublijana between 2010 and 2013 by Raj Kraljev and Riccardo Massari Spiritini an Italian composer living in Barcelona.
Mental projections are made by visual artist Antonio Giacomin from Trieste.
The "transmonumental" work is performed in a specific space, a dome that contains the public and also serves as a multi-screen structure.
The Flight of the Sphinx has been already presented inTrieste (Italy) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) in December 2013. In January of 2014 will be presented at the Medialab-Prado in Madrid and afterwards at Mutuo – Centro de Arte in Barcelona. There are agreements for more presentations in Berlin , Amsterdam and London before moving to the final realisation of the project.

Let Sfinge (performans) - Il Piccolo
Trieste / Trst, Italia16.12.2013

Article in the Trieste daily newspaper Il Piccolo about the Performing Presentation of the project Let Sfinge (The Flight of the Sphinx) and the publication of its musical content (CD & Vinyl) at the gallery Double Room - visual arts.

IND project - Mladina weekly
Ljubljana, Slovenija23.06.2007

Mladina weekly 23.6.2007

Photo report by Miha Fras


Mladina weekly 29.9.2007

Photo portret: STRIPTIZ by Borut Peterlin

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